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By leveraging the expertise and experience of our specialized marketing operations team, clients save time and resources, as well as deliver on internal email marketing channel goals. Our team's proficiency spans across diverse business scales, catering to startups as well as established enterprises. Here are a few of the projects we've supported:


Merryfield had a robust email marketing program when we joined to provide email marketing operations support. During our collaboration, we seamlessly integrated with their internal creative, copy, and marketing teams to develop ad hoc campaigns and implement automation strategies. This encompassed close coordination with their IT team to build and rigorously QA a sophisticated automation, ensuring seamless incorporation of users' unique weekly offers. Additionally, we offered expertise in setting up triggered automations and building emails for the successful launch of their referral program.

Our comprehensive services span email campaign management, automation services, email deliverability optimization, QA testing, integration assistance, and referral program setup, delivering impactful solutions tailored to Merryfield's needs.

Weekly Offers Email
Brand Launch Email
Referral Program Email


At DoorDash, we work on a dynamic 3-sided marketplace, collaborating across customer, dasher, and merchant sides. We mainly support the email operations team with quality assurance (QA) of email campaigns and automation setup. We meticulously proof emails and push notifications, ensuring accurate population of user data via handlebars and content formatting remains entact. Adhering to brand guidelines and maintaining typo-free communications are paramount.


We manage the merchant email calendar, ensuring communications are appropriately spaced out and avoiding over communication to this audience. Additionally, I collaborate with internal teams to address any edits or issues that arise during the process.

The Perfect Rug

At The Perfect Rug, we initiated and managed a transition to a more suitable Email Service Provider (ESP) to align with their evolving internal goals. We revamped their email strategy by creating new templates and implementing previously non-existent workflows, including a comprehensive welcome series, abandoned cart, and browse abandon sequences.


Additionally, we introduced workflows targeting sample purchasers to convert them into custom rug buyers. Conducting IP warmup and list cleanup in the new ESP ensured optimal deliverability and engagement. By increasing email sends from 2-3 to 4-6 per month and implementing sophisticated segmentation strategies, we successfully boosted conversion rates. We also got more consistent with communications tailored specifically to the trade audience, this helped build a stronger relationship between the brand and their top-tier customers.

Monthly reporting enabled us to track key performance indicators (KPIs) like Open, Clicks and Site Conversions, and it helped us make data-driven optimizations to future emails and flows.

Weekly Email Blast
Monthly Trade Newsletter
Welcome Email


At Coyuchi, we utilized calendaring to develop seasonal-specific messaging, collaborating closely with the marketing team to highlight products and craft compelling narratives. Our role involved briefing the creative team on email requirements and overseeing the building of assets, including all image slices with links and alt text. The team built and QA'd 5-7 email campaign per week, ensuring the correct segmentation, links and send date/times were accurate.


We provided a comprehensive weekly report on email performance, capturing key KPI's like Open and Click through Rates, as well as revenue generated. These reports often informed the following week's email creative and allowed for additional testing.


Additionally, we conducted audits and updates of all transactional emails, from order confirmations to shipping notifications, ensuring accuracy and optimizing automation logic. We also built out comms for the wholesale team to cater to their B2B partnerships.

Father's Day Email
Social Responsibility Email
New Product Guide Email
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